Yuan Goang-Ming個展in台北

何かとお世話になっている台湾在住のアートライター岩切みおさんのご主人さま、袁廣鳴(Yuan Goang-Ming)氏の個展が今月15日から台北のIT PARKではじまる。台湾のビデオアーオの先駆者として知られる同氏の作品は光州ビエンナーレなどで拝見した事があるが、私はとても好きだった。今回は残念ながら台湾に行けそうにもないが、もし行くご予定のある方は是非!

Solo Exhibition by Yuan Goang-Ming
Disappearing Landscape
15 December 2007~ 12 January 2008
Opening Reception: 7:00pm, Sat., 15 December 2007

Yuan Goang-ming will present his new series Disappearing Landscape in his solo exhibition at IT Park, breaking his silence since the City Disqualified series in 2002. In this new work, a concept of removal has been adopted again, and transformed into a more poetic concept of disappearing. The presently disappearing landscape not only indicates natural scenery being lost, but also involves imagined scenery and how we identify things.

Disappearing Landscape is not a narrative, but brings up an embarrassing state of presence that exposes an ambiguous relationship between 'illusion' and what we call 'truth'. The work not only disguises a profound reality that is disappearing, but at the same time is covertly reflecting a profound reality.

This series consist of digital images and a multi-channel video installation. The video installation is a synchronizing projection with three screens, with each part filmed simultaneously by three cameras that move straight ahead. The lens passes through the artist's home, neighboring abandoned houses, a forest and a city shot from a low angle.

The digital imagery shows that Yuan painstakingly removed all the veins from scanned images of leaves via computer manipulation. While the rhizomes and branches remain, the artist creates scenery that is homogeneous, complex, familiar, yet unfamiliar. Every leaf links to a rhizome and to a branch, but it has no vein on its surface--- it is as if the leaf has no distinct face while it seems to be surely originating from somewhere. Does a leaf have a reason to be a leaf? How is it defined as a leaf, just like how are we identified as individuals, by our surface features, or by something deeper? This strange scenery is still, only disappearing.

Location: IT PARK
Gallery Hours: Tue. ~ Sat., 1:00pm ~ 10:00pm
41. 2/3fl. I-Tong St, Taipei, Taiwan.
tel: 886-2-25077243
fax: 886-2-25071149


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